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I'm an experienced Software Engineer/Developer, technology team leader, mentor, writer, and programming polyglot who has a remarkable ability to work efficiently with modern software tools and methodologies and to think with ease in multiple dimensions.


I'm passionate about learning new and innovative ideas, an ardent advocate of Software Engineering best practices and collaboration. I'm also passionate about giving back to improve society and help build a better world. This has led to my active participation in and contribution to some open-source projects like eth-vue and react-auth-box in addition to engineering pieces authored by me and published by major Software Engineering Medium publications like The Startup, The Andela Way, and dunnhumby Data Science & Engineering. I have also spoken at Tech interviews like Expert Interview by Thryve and a Technical Debt podcast by Legacy Code Rocks.


I always seek to be involved in building very advanced technologies that meet our needs as humans. Any opportunity to change the world for the better with technology attracts me strongly.

It gets even more exciting and more attractive when the technology we're talking about building is advanced and appears challenging.

I am deeply interested in researching better ways of using computational mechanisms to solve problems facing the world and contributing whatever I learn to the vast body of knowledge of humanity. This prompted my contribution to NLIRDB research published in the International

Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications [IJACSA] (Vol. 3, No. 10, 2012 p. 169) while a university undergraduate. I have since collaborated with software engineers around the world, contributing to open-source projects.


Besides playing with my daughter, I love to read, write, swim, think [philosophically], and play musical instruments.

My public repositories are at

You can find my professional experience here.

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